Culture of Coaching

Introducing a Coaching Culture for Managers and Supervisors.


  • Individuals understand the behaviors needed to drive organizational results and how their own behaviors and efforts align with those requirements—they receive positive coaching to help them close gaps that might exist
  • A climate is created where problems are anticipated and innovative strategies developed proactively instead of simply adapting to changes as they occur
  • The performance management process shifts from a once-a-year, often punitive, process to a culture of continuous feedback and improvement coaching at all levels in the organization
  • Key talent is developed and retained
  • Succession planning efforts are facilitated and integrated
  • A study by MetrixGlobal documented a 529% ROI from a culture of coaching

How Does New Level Coaching Establish a Coaching Culture?

  • A survey assesses the organization’s current perceptions of coaching. Some questions include: Has the organization used coaching? Why or why not? Who, if anybody, is using coaching and what is working well or not so well? Is coaching done by internal coaches, external ones, or both? Is coaching used only for problem people, for development, or both?
  • Managers at all levels identify the specific behaviors needed to drive success in the jobs they oversee. Assessment tools are used to identify individual development needs
  • All managers receive training in coaching skills so they can positively influence their employees’ efforts to improve and achieve
  • New Level Coaching’s web-based tracking module enables managers to track development plans, implementation steps and results. The module also contains articles and other resources as well as “coaching success stories”
  • HR systems are aligned an integrated to support a culture of coaching
  • Metrics are developed and used to evaluate results and business impact

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