Developing High Potential Employees

Develop and Retain your Most Valued Employees

There is no question that identification, development and retention of high potential employees is essential if businesses are to remain competitive and to ensure a pipeline for succession planning.

  • Do you have an effective backup plan if one or more of your key executives was no longer with your company?
  • Do you know who your leaders of the future are?
  • Have you identified high potential employees but aren’t sure how to best develop/retain them?
  • Would you like to insulate your high potentials from being lured away by competitors?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you will want to investigate New Level Coaching’s High Potential Identification and Development Program.

Recognize and Identify the Future Leaders of Your Business

In a recent global survey of 73 companies, 91% said they were challenged to identify high potential individuals early in their careers (Corporate University Exchange, Leadership 2012 Survey).

The development of high potentials often falls to the person’s manager who is tasked with finding challenging assignments and projects to help the person grow. The assignment is often approached without a rigorous consideration of what drives the person or a systematic assessment whether they truly are high potential or of their strengths and weaknesses. Also unknown are weaknesses that are not apparent in the person’s current assignment but will emerge when they advance and possibly cause failure.

The New Level Coaching High Potential Identification and Development Process has been designed specifically for organizationsinterested in implementing a customized process for identifying and developing their leaders of the future.

The New Level Process

The process involves the following steps:

  • Establish senior executive high potential steering committee
  • Nomination of high potential candidates
  • In-depth assessment of personal motivators, cognitive abilities and leadership behavior as these relate to the requirements of target positions
  • Coaching for persons whose high potential status is validated by the assessments
    • New Level coach works with person and their manager to identify strategies for optimizing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
      • Targeted assignments
      • Specialized group training and hands-on projects involving actual business situations the company faces
      • Selected developmental training, reading, etc.
    • Implementation of developmental strategies
  • Evaluation of results that impact the success of the business

New Level Tracking System

New Level’s web-based tracking module is placed on the company intranet

  • Individual managers and HR/OD professionals keep track of development plans, implementation steps and results for their high potential direct reports
  • Training resources in the form of webinars, e-learning modules, articles and books are available on the module
  • Coaching ideas, challenges and successes are shared across the organization

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