New Level Coaching - Sales Improvement Program

A business will succeed only if it has an effective sales team. Business principals wear many hats and have to manage all aspects of a business. During the startup phase the principals often generate most of the new business. However, as the business grows, outside people are brought into the sales role. The principals often do not have the time or the skill set required to hire the right people, train them to be effective and lead them in a way that generates maximum commitment and effort.

The New Level Sales Improvement Program is a 4-step process conducted by 2 New Level principals:

Tom Parker is an expert in training salespersons in sales and negotiations techniques. He has been the top sales executive in several companies and has trained hundreds of sales professionals to effectively navigate the increasingly competitive sales landscape.

Russ Leonard has held senior management positions in several organizations and has over 30 years experience in designing effective selection systems and in coaching leaders to generate high levels of engagement and commitment in the people they lead.

Sales Improvement Program Components


During the diagnostic phase we will become thoroughly familiar with your business situation and the sales challenges you face. We will examine the process you use for hiring and training salespersons. A diagnostic assessment tool will evaluate the sales competencies of each salesperson compared to the competencies required in your business. We will also develop an understanding of the leadership practices used by the sales leader(s).

Selection System

Based on the diagnostic information we will implement improvements to your selection process that may include;

  • Recruiting strategies and initial candidate screening techniques
  • Initial phone interviews
  • An assessment tool that compares candidate cognitive abilities, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests to those required in your sale situation
  • A structured interview process that includes training for those conducting interviews
  • Background and reference checks
  • Negotiating offers
  • Sales incentive system
Sales and Negotiation Techniques Training

Tom Parker will train your salespeople how to sell and negotiate in an environment where buyers are using increasingly sophisticated negotiations tactics that are designed to extract the best possible deal at the lowest possible price. The training involves a realistic negotiations simulation that measures the salespersons’ abilities to sell and negotiate effectively.

Sales Leader Coaching

The coaching process involves the following steps:

  • Assess opportunities for improvement
    • 360-degree assessment and feedback to sales leader(s)
    • Interviews with sales leader(s) and salespersons
  • Action plan for improvement developed along with metrics for measuring progress
  • Implementation of the action plan with ongoing coaching
  • Evaluation of results

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