Success Stories

Coaching Testimonial: Pete McAteer

I am delighted to recommend the executive coaching process from New Level Coaching. I engaged New Level after I received feedback that my leadership approach needed improvement. My executive coach took the time to develop an in-depth understanding of my business and my role as a senior executive in that business. The assessment process he employed helped to identify specific opportunities to improve my leadership skills. We were able to design and execute an action plan that has provided me with a deep long-lasting leadership style change.
During the year I worked with my New Level coach, I was able to accomplish the following:

  • Learned to listen more effectively to issues and concerns expressed by my staff, peers, customers and leaders
  • Developed appropriate empathy for the personal concerns and needs of my key team members
  • Delegated more effectively by making sure expectations were clearly understood
  • Became more proficient at recognizing and rewarding accomplishments and “catching people doing things right.”
  • Learned to help my team capitalize on learning opportunities for their benefit as well as driving business improvements
  • Improved my business results
  • Deepened relationships by building more trust; creating an environment for strong partnerships and team engagement
Although the formal coaching has ended, I continue to use my New Level coach as a sounding board for situations and opportunities that I encounter in my current position. My executive coaching experience was extremely impactful in improving both professional and personal relationship building.

Testimonial from a Major services company

One of New Level Coaching’s executive coaches helped two key team members who were frequently in conflict to work together more effectively by learning to appreciate each other’s unique talents and ways of communicating. Their improved teamwork allowed us to meet key objectives with much improved efficiency. The manager involved improved his leadership skills which enabled him and his team to be more productive.

In another engagement, New Level Coaching worked with a disruptive team member and helped her to modify her approach so that conflict within her team was significantly reduced and overall effectiveness improved.

Testimonial from Leo Suggs, retired CEO of Overnite Transportation

I was impressed that the New Level coach took the time to understand our business and then was able to work with our top executive team to help them improve their leadership effectiveness and to be better able to work together as a team. The coach was very comfortable working with top executives and was able to provide them with practical strategies for moving the business forward.